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Centennial College Safety App & Site Content Audit

Problem Definition

The centennial college website and app was developed several years ago and as students of the Interactive Media Management course we were tasked with carrying out content audit to analyze and address any inconsistencies in the available content. There was the need to assess the current content landscape and identify areas for improvement to enhance the effectiveness and usability of both platforms.

Centennial College
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UX Researcher
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In a team of 3, we conducted a comprehensive content audit of the website and app to evaluate the existing content, identify gaps, and documented our findings. We reviewing and analyzing each page of the site as well as screens of the app, assessing the quality, relevance, and accuracy of the content, as well as evaluating the overall structure, navigation, and user flow. The objective was to create a user-centric and cohesive content strategy that enhances the user experience and increases engagement.


The research carried out was a systematic evaluation and analysis of the content within the app and website after which findings were documented.

The Safety App

The Centennial College Safety Watch App has well-thought out intentions and vast potential, however, its current state has many areas that need to be improved to make it more user-centered, resourceful, and functional. The most predominant issues at hand include: navigability, the organization and presentation of content, and the overall lack of efficiency for the user.


Beginning with the home screen, the headings are organized and labeled clearly. Other than the “Friendwalk” and “Work Alone” sections, the headings of each button effectively gives the user a clear indication of the purpose of each section. Rather than making the user scroll through the page, a recommendation would be to have the buttons structured like the “Emergency Procedures” section, so the user can see all 13 sections at once, with a visually descriptive icon to support each topic. 

In some cases, rather than providing the user with content relating to the heading, it just provides them with phone numbers to call. Other sections, such as the “Sexual Assault and Violence Awareness” or “Health and Wellness” provide the users with an overload of textual content, and links to external resources, navigating them away from the App. The App should incorporate more built-in interactive content (such as photos, videos, or infographics) to engage users on these subjects.

The Safety Section
of the Site

The Centennial College Safety and Security website has a consistent design interface for all the pages. The website contains a lot of information about specific safety issues, different call to actions, and external resources that benefit the users in understanding the various safety information in-depth. However, the current state of the website is focusing on procedures for students or faculty to read before or after the situation rather than having knowledge during an emergency incident.


  • There is a lot of information, definition and situations about different security incidents throughout the website. While it gives security to users, it is not user-friendly in allocating information immediately. The website can integrate more point-forms, highlight/colour coding, graphics, and change of font size to enhance the user experience and to highlight important points or frequently asked points.
  • There is also repetition of some information and broken links on the main page. In the safety and security main page, the 3 “Learn More” buttons are broken down which brings you back to the top of the main page, rather than connecting to the respective topics. This should be fixed to avoid confusion from users. Additionally, the blue highlighted topic is redundant with the menu on the left. This is not necessary as those could be highlighted and used to locate more important information.
  • Finally, there are multiple broken links, or links that lead to a “Not Secure” page or external links in which “The Connection is Private.” When a user views “Not Secure” on the web safari, it poses lack of security which might harm the users. As Centennial College is home to many students, using secure links offers student trusts and does not add uncertainty when facing emergency situations.

Key Takeaways

  • Working collaboratively with my team members helped gain a holistic understanding of the content landscape and ensured a comprehensive assessment making the herculean task easier to carry out contributing to a smoother and more efficient content audit process.

  • Integrating user research findings with the content audit enhances the depth of insights. Combining qualitative user feedback, usability testing, or user surveys with quantitative data from the content audit provides a more robust understanding of user needs, preferences, and pain points. This integration helps researchers create a more user-centered and impactful content strategy.

  • Content is dynamic, and maintaining its quality and relevance requires ongoing monitoring and maintenance. In carrying out the audit, we learnt the importance of content maintenance to regularly review content to ensure that it remains up-to-date, aligned with user needs, and supports the platform's goals.